Jemima Osunde Responds to Follower Who Called Her a “Best Friend Snatcher”

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After expressing her concerns on the electoral campaign strategies being carried out by some politicians prior to the election, actress, Jemima Osunde was met with an angry follower who responded to her tweet and accused her of being a ‘best friend snatcher

Shocked by the comment and the accusation thrown at her, the actress reacted to it, questioning the allegation and whose friend she snatched.

Jemima’s response to the follower indicated that she had no understanding of the claim and appealed to her followers to probe the troll until she explained what she meant by her comment. 

She said “I don’t even know youuuuu

And you tweeted this thing at 6:21am.

You didn’t start your day with prayers, you didn’t start it by calling your loved ones, you didn’t even go back to bed.

You woke up and tweeted this thing at someone you DON’T KNOW at 6:21am??????????

Please I NEED you guys to help me ask her @its_geefty which of her best friends I snatched.

I’m not joking o please help me BOMBARD her with tweets asking her

She has to answer cause this one is really wild. How can someone just wake up and be silly?

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