Johnny Drille Sets the Record Straight on Tomi Ojo Dating Rumors

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Johnny Drille has recently addressed the swirling rumors surrounding his relationship with the fast-rising actress, Tomi Ojo. Speculations about their romantic involvement began to circulate after the duo shared affectionate photos and videos on their respective social media accounts. However, the talented musician has now clarified that their bond is purely platonic.

Johnny Drille

During a recent interview with Hip TV, Johnny Drille shed light on the nature of his connection with Tomi Ojo. He emphasized that their collaboration in the music video for his single “Believe Me” involved a clever play on words, as there were two characters named Ojo in the song. Wale Ojo and Tomi Ojo served as symbolic figures, and their inclusion added depth to the artistic concept.

Setting the record straight, Johnny Drille confirmed that he and Tomi Ojo are nothing more than close friends. He expressed immense admiration for her as a person and highlighted her exceptional talent and professionalism during their collaboration. Although the visuals portrayed a romantic narrative, it was merely a testament to their outstanding chemistry as creative partners.

Johnny Drille

Intriguingly, the singer left room for speculation, hinting at the possibility of further collaborations with Tomi Ojo in the future. While their relationship remains rooted in friendship, Johnny Drille praised her contributions to the music video, suggesting that their artistic synergy could lead to more remarkable projects together.

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