Jonathan is a man of peace – Presidency blames Amaechi, calls Soyinka to order

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Special Adviser to President Jonathan on Political Matters, Ahmed Gulak, has blamed Governor Amaechi for the crises in the River State House of Assembly. Gulak also said he would not join issues with Soyinka but said he should be “responsible” in his utterances.

Speaking in Abuja yesterday, Gulak admonished that “it is mischief to say that the President is behind the crisis in Rivers State. The President cannot be part of the crisis in that state. He is a man of peace.’

He said Amaechi should be blamed: “The fact is that in this crisis of Rivers State, the governor should be held responsible because if he did not go physically to the House of Assembly, those guys won’t have been emboldened to be beating people there.

“Moreso that his security aides were right inside the chambers, the sacred chambers, which ordinarily nobody is allowed to enter apart from the members. So I repeat that Amaechi should be held responsible for what happened.”

Gulak, advising on a solution, said: “The way out is for all parties to abide by the constitution. There is separation of powers in the constitution. We have the judiciary, legislature and executive.

“We in the PDP have put machinery in place to see that this crisis is resolved once and for all if the governor is still in the PDP because what we have seen is opposition members talking.

“Soyinka, without knowing the fact just went public to blame the President and his wife for what is happening in the state. He is an elder statesman, I don’t want to join issues with him but I will say that he should be responsible.”

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  • Special advicer on political matters?? I see u r not advicing mr. President well; why should amaechi be blamed for goin to the house of assembly, who started d assault? Who first came to the house with thugs n cult boys? Was it not after Evans Bipi who came in with thugs to assault the pro amaechi members before the governor came over to ensure that the house sat; the president can’t claim that he knows nothing about the crisis in rivers state coz everyday we see his fingers in it.

  • Koate I can see you are sponsored by pro-amaechi to talk rubbish. So it was Goodluck that brought thugs to d assembly. Blame GEJ for everything idi0t.Offcourse he knows about it does that means he is cause. U be mumu o..

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