“Jonathan is a zoologist from the swamps of Otuoke” – Oshiomhole

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Simon Ebegbulem, the media aide of National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has attacked former President Goodluck Jonathan for saying that the party boss was suffering from “multiple personality syndrome”.

Jonathan, who made the comment through his media aide Ikechukwu Eze, said this in response to Oshiomhole’s claim that vote buying gained prominence under the ex-president’s administration.

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But in a Thursday article titled “Vote-buying: Jonathan goofed on Oshiomhole”, Ebegbulem said that the ex-president was not a medical doctor and therefore unqualified to make a comment on his principal’s personality.

He said, “If the allegation that the APC national chairman is having psychological issues with the even more specific reference to “multiple personality syndrome,” came from a doctor of human medicine with specialisation in psychology, it could debatably enjoy some merit.

“But Jonathan is a zoologist from the swamps of Otuoke. This is clearly veering from his turf and unworthy of further debate.

“Probably still retaining some remnant of conscience after a disastrous presidency, he was stung when APC national chairman recently correctly accused him specifically and his party of birthing vote-buying and encouraging electoral fraud in Nigeria.

“After unseemly name-calling, the former President without even addressing the core points raised by Oshiomhole felt the easier path was to counter-accuse the APC leader with exactly the same damning allegation.”

Ebegbulem reiterated his boss’s position that Jonathan gave impetus to vote buying in the country, adding that the ex-president injected over N5 billion into his 2015 re-election bid in Edo State alone.

He said, “Out of desperation, Jonathan injected over N5bn through the PDP leaders with a view to forcefully influence Edo electorate into voting the PDP. This was why the PDP was able to corner two senatorial seats in the state and got a majority of the House of Representatives’ seats against the wish of the electorate in Edo State.”



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