Juliet Ibrahim reveals a President once asked her out in new interview (video)


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Actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed some interesting and somewhat awkward experiences she has had since she became a public figure, many years back.

The Ghanaian who was an interviewee on BBC’s program, “’Question Till Mouth Pain You”, also shared things such as her love life, and the sacrifices she had to make while trying to pursue a career in acting.

When asked about the weirdest moment she has ever had on the set of a movie, the star actress stated that it was when a director dragged her back to show her his erect manhood just because of the way she had acted in the scene.

Juliet proceeded to reveal that the biggest public figure to have asked her out was the president of a country and when pressed to reveal his identity, she jokingly declined and mumbled her voice to make sure her response was not audible.

The actress subsequently cited the rumor of having a relationship with American musician, Chris Brown, as the strangest rumor she has ever heard about herself.

See a clip from the interview session below.

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