Jungle Justice In America: Thief Burnt To Death Over Bus Snatching Allegation

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A Venezuelan man was set ablaze earlier in the week by an angry mob, after he was accused of stealing a bus.

In a distressing video that circulated over the internet, the young man, who appeared to be below 30, was seen writhing in pains as the fire burned his head and torso.

Curiously, he made no attempt to put out the fire as it ravaged his skin, with by-standers offering no help whatsoever.

The incident reportedly happened in Caracas, the nation’s capital city.

Jungle justice is said to be on the rise in the country, as citizens continue to lament the poor state of the judicial system, which fails to properly prosecute accused persons.

The South American nation has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with a 2012 UN report stating that 53.7 such extra-judicial killings occur in 100,000 people.

Local police say only one out of 10 arrested criminals end up in jail as they more often than not are set free in court.

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