#JusticeforIzu: Young Entrepreneur Falsely Accused of Rape on Twitter Commits Suicide


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A young man has allegedly committed suicide after he couldn’t handle backlash from a false rape allegation on Twitter.

The young man identified as Izu, @Legend_Izu, had been falsely accused of rape by another twitter user, Nani @NaniChianese who said he sexually assaulted a mutual friend, Neko Chan @yattedneko.

The accusation had drawn the usual faux outrage on social media as tweeps called for Izu’s head despite repeated pleas for his side of the story to be heard. The fact that Nani was a close friend of Izu also did not help matters as she led the virtual mob that hounded and crucified the young man.

During the outrage, one of his accusers compiled a ‘list’ of rapists on Twitter and included Izu in it. This allegedly affected his business and source of livelihood as a fashion designer and creative director as he was labelled a rapist.

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Izu did tell his side of the story absolving himself of the false rape allegations. At the time, he released screenshots of conversations between himself and the alleged victim which clearly showed that no act of rape occurred between the duo. In fact, it turned out that @yattedneko only accused Izu of rape because he rejected her advances to initiate a relationship.


Despite the evidences however, the curator of the ‘Rapist List’ refused to remove Izu from the list.

rape rape

Izu committed suicide due to the emotional stress from the accusation, leaving a suicide note of sorts on his Twitter handle. He was vibrant young entrepreneur who became a victim of the court of public opinion and trial by social media.


Nigerians have reacted by calling on the false accuser as well as the curator of the Rapist list to be arrested and prosecuted for murder.

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