Kanye West spotted in GTA 5 [Photo]


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A pedestrian that looks uncannily like rapper Kanye West has been caught in the crosshairs on Grand Theft Auto V.

The lookalike was sniped by a gamer and posted to Reddit, seen wearing  a dark t-shirt and chain and sporting a West-like goatee and tattoos.

It’s possible the likeness is accidental, but Grand Theft Auto has a history of spoofing celebrities, with one of the posters for the game featuring a pretty undeniable Kate Upton (below and here).

GTA 5 kate upton poster
GTA V’s cover girl is rumoured to be based on model Kate Upton (Picture: Sports Illustrated/Rockstar)

(Spoiler) Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is also lampooned in the game, being assassinated during a mission that parodies the social network with a fictitious company called LifeInvader.

West has appeared in the game before, at least as far as sound goes, with his track Flashing Lights being on radio rotation in GTA IV.

In other macabre GTA V news, the selfie function on the in-game smartphone is proving popular, with gamers having come up with some very creepy snaps so far.

GTA Online goes live on October 1, with rumours circulating recently that the player limit has been doubled to 32. Micro-transactions have also been confirmed by Rockstar meanwhile, though it is thought these will be purely optional.Kanye West doppelgänger spotted in GTA 5

Yeezus walks: Kanye West was spotted walking down a road in Los Santos (Picture: KittenQueefs)

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