Kim K and Kanye West in agony as they Assume Iceland’s sulphuric springs smell are Farts

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Kim K and Kanye West went with a bunch of friends to Iceland to shoot a music video. Unfortunately for them they had no idea that Iceland has long been famous for its Sulphuric Springs smell which has a rotten quality to it.

Sulphur dioxide is produced naturally by volcanic eruptions, the same compound found in farts and stink bombs, this led the celebrity couple to assume people were farting everywhere.

Kanye West shared on his snapchat an image with him with his nose covered with the caption ‘Driver keeps farting’ the poor driver was doing nothing of the sort.

Iceland locals have been less than impressed with the antics of the couple with one local branding them as ignorant saying “They would have seen that in the guidebooks if they’d read them. Most people would know that Iceland is volcanic.”

See Kanye’s snapchat image below


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