Kim Kardashian Allegedly Dating CNN Presenter Van Jones Amid Divorce

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Hollywood reality star, Kim Kardashian is allegedly dating CNN reporter Van Jones amid divorce from Kanye West.

Van Jones, 52, is one of the most recognisable figures on the US network, as well as being aNew York Times best-selling author and Emmy Award winner.

He also served as former US president Barack Obama’s special advisor in 2009 and has founded multiple non-for-profits.

According to reports, Van Jones met Kim Kardashian when she became involved in campaigning for criminal justice reform in 2018.
Jones is the CEO of the REFORM Alliance, an initiative founded by Jay Z and Meek Mill to overhaul the justice system.

New York Post columnist, Cindy Adams, reported on Sunday rumours of their romance were starting to spread.

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“A new burble’s coming out of the Kim Kardashian klub. Throats are clearing throats after whispering the name Van Jones,” Adams wrote.

“I will not wait while everybody tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

The dating rumours have led to mixed reactions between fans on Twitter, with many accusing Kardashian of ‘using’ Jones to ‘further her law career.’

“People are gonna look at Kim as using Kanye to advance her in the fashion world and using Van Jones to help advance her into her next career field in law,” fired one fan.

Another wrote: “If Kim Kardashian marries Van Jones I’m no longer doing this whole life thing. That will be simply too much for me.”

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