Korra Obidi Blasts Estranged Husband for Failing to Foot Child’s School Fees

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Singer and dancer Korra Obidi has taken to Instagram to publicly criticize her estranged American husband, Justin Dean, accusing him of being unable to contribute 50% towards the school fees of their firstborn child, June. In a video, the now single mother expressed her frustration, stating that despite their separation, she had only sought financial assistance for their child’s education.

Korra Obidi

Korra Obidi clarified that she has never requested anything else from her ex-husband but expected him to fulfill his responsibility towards their child’s education. She revealed that she would have borne the expenses herself if she could afford it but found it financially burdensome.

Even though the school where their child is enrolled is not her first choice, Korra explained that she opted for it based on what she could reasonably afford independently. Her concern has intensified with their second child, Athena, soon to join elementary school. She adamantly asserted that she would not subject her children to free public schools due to the perceived inadequacies in the educational system.

Korra Obidi

Expressing her commitment to providing a quality education for her children, Korra disclosed that she began her formal education at the age of two and was unwilling to let her children wait three years for free education. She voiced her confusion over her estranged husband having the means to hire an $850 lawyer but allegedly being unable to contribute to their children’s school fees.

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