Kunle Afolayan Enrolled His Son In Mechanic School, Here’s Why


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Nollywood veteran, Kunle Afolayan, was recently in the news after he shared a video which showed his 8-year-old son in mechanic school.

The video got a lot of praise for the actor and director, with people pleased that he would teach his son the joys of handwork.

Speaking to Punch’s Saturday Beat, he explained that he wanted his son to learn something besides just academic work and that the mechanic workshop was the thing that came to mind.

He said: “Children of this generation may think they are having fun because they didn’t experience what some of us experienced but they are caged. Most of their life is spent either in front of television or the computer game. My children are a bit different; they are not addicted to anything. Even the most senior one who has a phone, most times I force him to pick the phone because he doesn’t stay on it.

“I also want him to learn how to interact with people outside the house and learn how to speak Yoruba so that when he is back in school, he will understand that life has different sides and not everybody is privileged to have what he has,” he added.

Kunle Afolayan also took some time to talk about his new clothing line, expressing surprise at getting into it in the first place.

“I never planned to have a clothing line; I like to be different, so I decided to use the Adire fabric to improve on the kembes I bought in India.  After I designed and made some for myself, people liked it; that was why I decided to make a business out of it.” he said.

Kunle Afolayan is a respected figure in the industry both as an actor and a director/producer. He has also been responsible for such popular movies such as Phone Swap, 76 and the Figurine.

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