Lagos Guber; A Democratic Cliff Hanger, by Abdulwasiu Mujeeb

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Now that elections is barely a month away, the gamblers has been gambling for the rush, the fittest also struggling to survive. It’s now time to spare our thoughts for our future, and to snub the impostures together with their legion of cheerleaders.
I have seen in the past days, not few Sanwo olu supporters framing the future of the election. Experience vs inexperience; democratic vs undemocratic, not few, i must confess had already concluded it as a battle between the winner and the loser.

With Jimi agbaje again registering his presence on the ballot for the People Democratic Party, a man whose supporters failed to crown him the glory he needed for the past eight years, and since then he had been a cake walk for the All Progressive Party. Until he finally achieve his ambition, his political journey will be replica to that of president Buhari. But it seems in this episode, he is ready to stand stronger and mightier, taking the numbling paralysis in his opposition party as another opportunity for him.

Despite stones of words thrown to themselves, has Agbaje already threw his hands up in total surrender when the game is just about to start? Lagosians surely knew the challenge he represent is a peril APC can’t afford to ignore.

Agbaje’s supporters had prepared to fight to the end. They had no illusion about Tinubu, they said, he was without a doubt a very self willed politician, that he fights for a ne’er-do-well, which he has nothing to show for except a head covered in earth and grime. But this is not the time to go into that, sooner, Lagosians shall decide between them, who the fox will be.

Well, Godfatherism hasn’t made Tinubu’s political son relent so easily. He had ordered, that Lagos rats to tell and extend his ambition to their fellow. But a reasonable and sincere electorate should know that, a rat who went swimming with lizard, shall surely die from cold.

Meanwhile the state will wait on the D DAY. After all, football can’t be compared with politics. Political magic in offing will never give room for prediction, as it happens in football. Different routes of politics exist, to get lots done.

All in all, it must be noted that it doesn’t matter whether a party is feeling excited of the possibility of victory, or another is feeling threatened of the prospect of loosing, what would be of essence to the good people of Lagos is the build of democracy in governance.

The future of the state in next four years, is determined by those who will man it. If not for anything, but for the sake of electorates, any party who emerge victory should produce meaningful democracy.

Abdulwasiu Mujeeb is an essayist, campus journalist from Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University,

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