Late Singer Mohbad’s Wife Alleges Bullying and Concealment of Truth Around Singer’s Death

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Omowunmi, the widow of the late singer Mohbad, has come forward with shocking revelations about her husband’s death, claiming that she knows a lot about the circumstances but is being silenced by industry bullies. Mohbad passed away under mysterious circumstances on September 12, leading to speculations and controversies surrounding the events leading up to his death.

Mohbad’s wife

The 27-year-old singer was quickly buried the next day, but the controversies didn’t end there. The police exhumed Mohbad’s body on September 21 for an autopsy, intensifying the mystery surrounding his demise.

Taking to social media, Omowunmi expressed her frustration, alleging that she is being silenced by individuals with a stake in the situation. She revealed that she feels helpless in the face of continuous bullying and intimidation.

In her social media post, Omowunmi also addressed the DNA test controversy regarding Mohbad’s son, Liam. She disclosed that the issue brings her tears and pain, emphasizing that her late husband never questioned the paternity of their son during his lifetime.

According to Omowunmi, Mohbad was silenced by rumors about drug use, and now they are targeting her and their child. She explained, “Mohbad would have sought medical treatment after his injury if he didn’t live in constant fear. He believed the medical system could be compromised, and doctors bribed to harm him.

She went on to describe the challenges she faces in speaking out, stating, “I know a lot, but they won’t allow me to speak my truth. If they eventually kill me too, like they did Mohbad, just know I said it.

Regarding the DNA test issue, Omowunmi shared her side of the story, expressing her reluctance to take Liam to her father-in-law for the test under the current circumstances. She stated, “Liam is the only precious gift IleriOluwa left me with. I will protect him until my last breath.

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