Law Roach Talks on Zendaya’s Reaction to His Retirement in Celebrity Styling

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Law Roach has revealed the response of Zenday who is one of his lovely clients in celebrity styling, towards his retirement.

Recall that some days back, the fashion maestro took to his Instagram page, announcing his retirement from the world of celebrity styling, sending the internet into a frenzy.

Law Roach stated that he and Zendaya have grown over the years and have formed a strong bond which goes beyond a customer-client relationship. He recounted the moment she called as soon as she knew of the retirement where she stated that “Girl, I thought we make big decisions together


He went ahead to reveal that Zendaya has always been supportive of his every decision and her instant reaction to his retirement news was to stand behind his decision and respect it. “She’s like, ‘Do you need me to send you on a vacation?’ Like tell me what you’re going through, and I talked to her about just being unhappy and being unhappy for a really long time and still grieving the death of my nephew. So, we had that talk, and she was like, ‘Whatever you need, whatever you need.”, Roach recalled.

His divulged this information in an attempt to clear the air on the internet opinion of Zendaya being the reason for his retirement, as opposed to his actual truth.



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