Lawan names category of surrendering Boko Haram members deserving prosecution

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The President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has described surrender as the “ultimate” in resolving a war.

He stated this while reacting to the controversy generated by the surrendering of some Boko Haram members in Borno State.

Lawan, who visited the Shehu of Borno, Alhaji Abubakar El Kanemi, to condole him over his elder brother’s death in Maiduguri, said elements of Boko Haram insurgents surrendering to the Nigerian troops should be encouraged as it’s a welcome development.

However, he said that whoever among the repentant terrorists is deemed to “have issues to answer should be taken through the legal processes”.

Mr Ola Awoniyi, his Special Adviser on Media said this in a statement in Abuja on Monday.

Lawan reassured the people that the Federal Government would continue to work with the state government to ensure restoration of peace and stability in the area.

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“We have come to condole you over the death of your elder brother that occurred recently. May his soul rest in Ajanaah Firdausi.

“This is a loss not only to you, but to all of us. That is why we have deemed it fit and necessary to come and condole with you, the family and the good people of the state.

“I want to take this opportunity to mention that the federal government will continue to work with the state government to ensure that there is restoration of peace and stability in this state and in this part of the country.

“The recent surrender by Boko Haram elements is a good development for the security of this country,” he said.

Lawan added: “Personally I believe that the federal government must work with the state government and other states in this part of the country to ensure that those that have been received are appropriately processed.

“Those that have no issues to answer are sanitised and taking back to their communities.

“Those that may have issues to answer should be taken through the legal proceses but we must ensure that we encourage Boko Haram elements and those they have taken by force to come out to surrender so that this unnecessary insurgency placed on us comes to an end.

“And I want to assure you, that the National Assembly and particularly the Senate will work very closely with the state government in this respect.

“I believe there is no need for any controversy over what we need to do with people who surrendered.

“In any war, in every war, surrender is the ultimate and if we can achieve it, we should do everything and anything possible to encourage more and more to come out so that we are able to come to the end of this unnecessary insurgency that has taken our States back for so many years in term of development.”

Responding, Ibn Garbai said that his people had suffered as a result of Boko Haram crisis.

He, however, said that the people were lucky to have the Buhari administration which eventually changed the tide.

Ibn Garbai said all the local government areas which were hitherto under the control of Boko Haram had been taken back and normal business activities had returned.


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