Lead British International School Abuja Faces Closure After Bullying Video

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Nigeria’s Lead British International School Abuja has been ordered to close its doors for three days following a viral video depicting the bullying of a female student. The news comes as a follow-up to the initial outrage sparked by the video on social media.

The Minister of Women Affairs reportedly intervened in the case, taking a personal stance against the bullying incident. This intervention likely played a significant role in the swift closure decision.

The three-day closure allows for an investigation into the bullying and for the school to develop a plan to address the issue and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. The exact nature of the investigation and the school’s planned actions remain unclear at this time.

Public outrage continues to simmer online, with many demanding stricter anti-bullying policies and harsher consequences for the perpetrators. The school has yet to make a public statement regarding the closure or the specific actions they will take.

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