Love Triangle Drama Unfolds on “BBN All Stars Show” – Soma and Mercy’s Steamy Confession Shocks Fans

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The “BBN All Stars Show” has taken a dramatic turn as housemates Soma and Mercy engaged in a candid conversation about their romantic inclinations.

During a late-night conversation, Soma expressed his reluctance to participate in the truth or dare kissing game, citing that he possesses a reputation for being an excellent kisser. Mercy playfully teased him about his confidence, leading to a light-hearted banter between the two.

Soma and Mercy Eke

As the conversation delved deeper, Soma made a surprising revelation, admitting that he refrains from kissing in the house as he believes that once any girl kisses him, she wouldn’t want to stop due to his skills. He expressed concern about not wanting to give any false impressions or lead anyone on.


Mercy, amused by Soma’s bold claims, jokingly teased him about his perceived pride. The housemates engaged in a playful exchange about the possible repercussions of multiple girls kissing Soma, with Mercy suggesting that the ladies might go crazy over him. Soma playfully retorted that some girls might be affected more than others.

However, the romantic revelation took an unexpected twist when Mercy dropped a bombshell of her own. She confessed to having a man outside the house, indicating that she was not entirely available to explore a romantic relationship within the show’s confines.

Mercy Eke

Soma however, quickly countered with a revelation of his own, stating that he also had a woman outside the house.

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