Major Keys: Twitter Thinks DJ Khaled Was Taking Major Shots At Birdman With ‘They’ Catchphrase

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The rap world looks to bee gearing up for yet another rap war following the release of Rick Ross’ single ‘Idols Become Rivals’ off his latest studio album, Rather You Than Me.

Rick Ross had on the single claimed Birdman did his man, DJ Khaled dirty.

Rick Ross in his lyrics said at the end of the song: “What hurt me the most, nigga, is how you did my brother Khaled, nigga.”

The statement has however sparked considerable cotroversy online as fans have attributed the alleged fall out to DJ Khaled’s catchphrase “they” which has been a major feature on his ‘major key’posts on social media.

Rick Ross in the lyrics added (talking to Birdman): “Khaled was loyal to you, nigga. The pain I seen in my brother eyes, nigga, FaceTiming, my nigga. Nigga, he took that to the chin.”

Recall that DJ Khaled’s We the Best label has been known to have been aligned with Birdman’s Cash Money Records.

In reaction to what fans think is Birdman’s M.O of stabbing his partners in the back, fans took to their page to share varying opinion as many connected Birdman as the ‘They’ DJ Khaled warned about.

Read reactions below:

So when Khaled refers to “They” he’s talking about Birdman, Baby, and Stunna????
— Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod) March 17, 2017

When Rick Ross discloses who Dj Khaled is referring to as “they” and it’s been Birdman this whole time
— Jai (@BJai23) March 17, 2017

When you realize the “They” Khaled is talking about is Birdman
— FairyGod (@JayZee_Moet) March 17, 2017

Birdman = “They”#DjKhaled
— 22_sAVANT ? (@Richy7_april) March 17, 2017

Birdman is “they”… UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
— Djudko Bagel (@BEDeeJayBAGS) March 17, 2017

This whole time when Dj Khaled said “THEY” he was actually talking about Birdman
— OFF-WHITE STAN (@StanArcieri) March 17, 2017

birdman been ‘they’ all this time ?
— reggie (@_waiyaki) March 17, 2017

When you realize Dj Khaled was talking about Birdman when he kept saying “they”
— J.R. (@Bushid0_Br0wn) March 17, 2017

Crazy that the ‘THEY dont want you to win’ movement was all about Birdman and them and it just become a phenomenon for Khaled
— ICY (@kidyungn) March 17, 2017

When DJ KHALED say “they” he was referring to birdman sandusky
— kervinho (@AurelienKerven) March 17, 2017

So when Khaled say “they”, he’s talkn bout Birdman
— Young Keith Sweat (@Cammy4Chainzz) March 17, 2017

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