Man Assaults Escort For Failing To Satisfy Him


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Gladmore Gondo has been charged with assault after beating Princess Ncube for failing to satisfy him sexually.

He had met the victim at Mbizo Inn Night Club were they were drinking beer. At around 3am he had asked Princess to accompany him and they left for her house.

Upon reaching the house, he had sex with her, however, he was left unsatisfied and asking for more.

Princess allegedly refused until Gondo paid the $10 they had agreed on. Gondo said he would pay after being satisfied leading to a fight.

Gondo grabbed a chair and used it to beat Princess repeatedly around the head before breaking her cellphone on the floor.

The victim received a deep gash on her head and her left eye was swollen police reports state.

During the service Gondo had told the courts he was not satisfied with Princess:

“I was not satisfied and we couldn’t agree on that issue and I ended up beating her. I apologise for my actions, which were a result of being drunk.”

Lavroe Philemon the Kwekwe magistrate sentenced Gondo to six months in jail.

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