Man Attacks Bisi Alimi for Organizing LGBT Event in Lagos

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A twitter user @hiddenqueer_ has expressed his anger at Bisi Alimi for organizing an LGBT event in Lagos.

He said: ” I refuse to accept the blatant disrespect of queer history and of the entire community by continually calling  this misnamed get together.

“@bisialimi, if you truly care about the community, don’t let this be our history. Retract the narrative”.

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Bisi Alimi replied the tweeter user, he said: “If you care about your history darling, create it.”

Bisi Alimi who is a gay activist attended the night of diversity 2019, which was organised by the Bisi Alimi Foundation. The event took place on Tuesday.

Bisi later took to instagram to thank everyone for coming and give an open invitation to anyone who wanted to be a part of the 2020 LGBT pride event.

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