Man Drugs Nigeria Police Officer Who Tried to Extort Him

Tony Abu Momoh
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Man Drugs Nigeria Police Officer Who Tried to Extort Him

Like the local Nigerian saying goes, “Cunny man die, cunny man bury am” a Nigerian man has taken to social media to share his recent ordeal with a Nigeria Police officer.

The young man narrated how the Nigeria police officer stopped him and forcefully searched his mobile phone where he sighted the young man’s bank account balance.

According to the narration by the young man @saddam_x_x the policeman told him to pay N150,000 in exchange for his freedom. Sensing that things might get ugly, the young man played a fast one on the Police officer by playing along.

Thereafter the duo went to a relaxation spot to drink and smoke during which the young man drugged the officer and made good his escape.

One of his tweets read:

“I had a crazy experience with Nigeria Police Force. This N***a saw my account balance and said he is successful as he see me. LMFAO In my mind I said *you go learn work*. Cut long story short, He billed me 150k, I said everywhere good. Me and the Police went to smoke SK and other heavy drug. His very happy that he has hit jackpot. As a Nigerian I know wetin be ‘learn work’. So a policeman learnt a lot from me and his very unhappy”

Nigeria Police
Man Drugs Nigeria Police Officer Who Tried to Extort Him

The young man however subsequently went ahead to share a text message the policeman sent to him after the incident where he apparently cursed and threatened the Young man’s life.

The Text read;

“Now that you’ve done this, what do you think should happen to you? May be untimely death in the presence of your parents. Solomon Ma du ka.”

Nigeria Police
Man Drugs Nigeria Police Officer Who Tried to Extort Himl

The young man thereafter begged Nigerians to help report the number saying he could not reach proper authorities to investigate the matter. He wondered why the police officer should be pained because he decided to stand his ground and not give the man any money.

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Nigerians on social media praised the young man for having outsmarted the police, one Nairaland user @BIGDADDY000 wrote,

“wise decision, but u better don’t let him catch u, otherwise sorry go be your name. hahaha, funny enough, ever in my lifei just found my self made FTC. but is there any reward 4 it pals?

Another user @dimexy247 said;

“Great news I’ve ever read about Nigerian police so far. Serves the murderfucka right. Thanks to that man and thanks to him once again. Infact, I like it.”

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