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Man Gets Daughter A Job, An Apartment And A N35m Car For Graduating At 23

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A lucky lady has been gifted a brand new car by her father and an apartment for graduating from the University at the age of 23.

The young lady just graduated, and the father surprised her with a brand new BMW Z4 worth N35m.

She also received a luxury apartment where she can rest and relax and not only that she was also given a well-paying job.

All these facilities are expected to help her start the journey of life smoothly.

The lucky lady posted her good fortune on Twitter, boasting about her fathers generosity:

“My Dad Look at what this man did for his daughter, a whole car.”

“A single father who managed to take me to the best private schools all my life until graduation, a father who has given me nothing but the best, a father who has presented me with a fully paid house (fully furnished), a father who gave me my first job. At 23 now this.”

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Ibukun El-dau studied economics and philosophy at University College London. He later completed a course in screenwriting at Ealing film school in London. He has a keen interest in film-making, having completed a directors course at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He is well traveled and an avid reader, gamer and writer.

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