Man hospitalized after macheting his own penis

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A man suspected to have been intoxicated completely cut off his penis in Kenya. After carrying out the act, his screams forced other neighbors to rush into his apartment, where they found out he was in pains and in a pool of his own blood. They instantly rushed him to a hospital but they had gotten there before they realized the other part of his organ was still lying on his bed at home.

Since it was needed for the surgery, Kenyan police rushed back to his house to fetch it.

While talking to newsmen about the incident, of the locals explained that the 25 years old Maina must have been drunk, losing his rational senses in the process.

Man hospitalized after macheting his own penis

The police later explained, “At around 12.50am Antony Kago Kanuthi was in his rental house near Momomiat village. He heard a loud scream from his neighbor Samuel Maina. When he rushed to his house he found he had cut his private part.”

The commander of Police in the areas, James Mugera, equally stated that when his officers got to Maina house, the part he had cut off gushed out blood incessantly but they swiftly rushed back with it so that it can be stitched back in time.

Maina has since been taken to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. This was necessary because a medical superintendent explained that the nature of the injury required that experts take care of him.

It steals beats the imagination of his neighbors as to why he did such a thing. The police are also waiting for him to recover before they question him.

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