Horrific: Man Wielding Machete Brutally Lynched, Hospitalized In Dallas (Video)

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A man armed with a machete in Dallas was surrounded by a mob and mercilessly beaten and stoned in a horrifying moment captured on video Saturday night, as looting and violence gripped cities across the country amid death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

According to local news, the man who has not been identified, was hospitalized and in stable condition as of Sunday morning, quoting the Dallas police. No further information on his injuries was immediately released.



In a statement released by the police, the man was carrying the machete to “allegedly protect his neighborhood from protesters.” He was said to have to warded off protesters while holding the machete and was then assaulted.


Graphic video of the encounter was shared on social media Saturday night after what started as peaceful protests during the day turned increasingly violent as night fell.

In the video, the man appears to be walking along a sidewalk, away from protesters, who follow him while throwing what appears to be rocks in his direction. As protesters get closer, the man rushes at them while holding the machete. The large mob then collapses on the man and attacks him.

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