Many Injured In Riots At Niger State’s Main University

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A clash on Wednesday between students and security forces, which turned violent, left a host of students injured, some critically so, the incident occurred at the main university in the Niger capital Niamey, a student leader stated.

The protest was sparked by a reaction to the expulsion of five classmates who were accused of beating up a professor, students rioted to reinstate them.

“The clashes between the two sides were violent around the campus and inside,” a resident of the neighbouring Lamorde district said.

Student leader Salha Kaila who called AFP on the telephone said “We barricaded the road that goes in front of the campus, and the security forces burst onto the campus. There are many injured among our classmates.”

“some of the injured are fighting for their lives” at a university hospital in Lamorde. “For now… there is a precarious calm,” Kaila added.

Sita Diabiri, the secretary-general of the student union (UENUN), on Tuesday, said that a truce had been called on Saturday to allow for negotiations with the government and students went back to class.

Diabiri said their “main demand” was the reinstatement of the five students, including himself, who were expelled in March.

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