Mariah Carey Breaks Up With New Boyfriend Over Nick Cannon Row

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Shortly after Janet Jackson separated from her husband, another celebrity personality is in the news for ending her relationship with a spouse/boyfriend.

Mariah Carey has ended her blossoming relationship with Bryan Tanaka due to a major row over ex-husband Nick Cannon and his unbridled spending.

According to TMz, Bryan had unbridled fury over Mariah’s relationship with ex-hubby Nick Cannon. She’s been chummy with Cannon, mostly for the benefit of their twins. They vacation as a family and go to dinner and parties together, sometimes without the kids.

This drove Bryan insane. TMZ reports that Bryan would lash back at her by flirting and even coming onto women in plain view of Mariah. The last straw came at the Kids’ Choice Awards last month when Nick and Mariah took the twins.

Bryan felt the display “disrespected” him and during the event, he demanded she came home. As for the cash register part, Mariah got sick of footing his bills for things like Gucci and Balmain and super expensive shoes.
Bryan also loves jewelry and was always in the market for expensive watches and chains. She also felt Bryan slid in after she broke up with James Packer, and his endgame was fame. They were together for a little over 5 months before she dumped him.

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