Mary Remmy Njoku Exposes Fraudulent Organic Skincare Sellers/Users Using Filters

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Actress and co-founder of iRokoTV, Mary Remmy Njoku, has taken a bold stance against the deceptive tactics of organic skincare sellers on social media.

Fraudulent Organic Skincare Sellers

In a recent Instagram post on April 21st, she called out these sellers for using filters in their promotional materials, labeling them as frauds.

Njoku emphasized that if these sellers truly believe in the efficacy of their products, then they should have no issue showing their real faces without the need for filters. She urged them to be transparent and authentic in their advertising.

The actress even cited an example of a filtered image she came across on an organic seller’s page, further driving home her point. Njoku’s message seems to be directed towards influencers who manipulate their images through editing and make-up, rather than showcasing their skincare brands as they truly are.

Fraudulent Organic Skincare Sellers

The call for transparency in the organic skincare industry is important in today’s Nigerian market, where the demand for natural and organic products is at an all-time high. By speaking on these fraudulent practices, Mary Remmy Njoku is not only holding these sellers accountable but also protecting their consumers from potential harm caused by deceptive marketing tactics.

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