Massive outrage in India as hotel denies couple room

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A massive outrage has erupted in India after a Hindu-Muslim married couple was denied a room by a hotel in the southern city of Bengaluru just because they ascribed to different religions.

Shafeek Subaida Hakkim, the Muslim man, had gone with his Hindu wife Divya D.V. to Olive Residency hotel for a room, but the couple claimed that the staff denied them stay after learning that they are from different faiths.

“The receptionist noted the names in the register and then realised that I am a Muslim, while my wife is Hindu. He asked us if we were married as we follow different religions,’’ Hakkim told the media.

“When I confirmed that we were in fact married, he refused to give us a single room saying that it is not acceptable for a Muslim and a Hindu to stay together,’’he added.



Local TV channels showed a CCTV footage of the hotel reception where the couple is seen arguing with the staff after they were denied a room.

The owner of Olive Residency, Shiva Madhu, has admitted that the couple was not given a room, but gave a different reason.

“It is nothing to do with a Hindu-Muslim issue. The problem was that they had no proper ID and had no luggage,’’ he said.

However, many Indians took to social media to point to social prejudice many inter-faiths couple face in this country.



“This is supposed to be a secular country, but still there is a division,’’ wrote a Facebook user. (Xinhua/NAN)


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