Measures to Curb Illegal Dumpsites in Lagos – Emmanuel Emechete


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An Environmentalist, Mr Emmanuel Emechete, has suggested some proactive measures to curb the increasing illegal dumpsites across Lagos State.

Emechete made the suggestion in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Friday while speaking on the current state of waste management in Lagos.


The environmentalist said it was pertinent to make effective the waste collection process in the state if there is any hope in curbing the rate of illegal dumpsites in the state.

“This epileptic method of picking waste is really affecting the ideal waste management programme Lagos has in mind; the waste managers should end truancy in waste collection.


“The government needs to provide better and effective options for residents of the state to dump their refuse if we are keen on ending these illegal dumpsites.


“If we have the waste collectors coming regularly or as and when due to pick up waste in residential areas, the number of illegal dumpsites across Lagos will drop.

“The body regulating waste management and disposal in the state needs to step up their act to stop this menace of illegal dumpsites.


“There is need to put in place proper waste management processes. If we have an effective collection process, there will be less illegal dump site,” he said.

Emechete noted that the unwillingness of residents of the state to pay the legal waste managers also contributed to the rise in illegal dumpsites.

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“In addition, the reason for these illegal dumpsites is because of the rise in illegal waste collectors. These illegal collectors cannot take the waste to legal dumpsites.

“Some residents subscribed to illegal waste collectors because it is cheaper, hence the need to regulate the price or fee paid to legal collectors to make it more affordable.

“The reason why most people dump waste at illegal dumpsites is that they want to escape the payment.


“There are illegal waste collectors who go from house-to-house to pick up waste; these persons do not have any legal right or authority to do so.

“These persons should be stopped or engaged so that they can become legal collectors and gain access to the legal dumping site,” Emechete said.

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