Members of Hip-Hop Royalty Pose for Epic Photograph

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You can’t talk about hip-hop today and not mention the likes of hip-hop artist Kanye West, business mogul Jay-Z, Diddy and mega producer Swizz Beats.

So what happens when all these heavyweights and their equally impressive wives all gather in one room to take a picture?

Greatness is what most people will say.

Kanye and Kim were joined Sunday night by Jay-Z and Beyonce, Diddy and Cassie and aSwizz Beats and Alicia Keys at Pasquale Jones in NYC after MTV’s Video Music Awards.


The four couples had a great dinner and laughed, eating and drinking and generally being epic.

Alicia Keys had appeared at the VMAs without makeup looking absolutely stunning. She did later tweet that she wasn’t doing it to encourage people to do the same, but that everyone should “Do you”

Meanwhile Kanye West had also spoken at the VMAs. He spoke for 7 minutes, he was allotted only 4 showing that he doesn’t play by the same rules as everyone else.


You can see the video of the four couples below.

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