MGTOW: The race for Men Going Their Own Way

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MGTOW which stands for Men Going Their Own Way is basically a statement of self-ownership and saying that (as a man) only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be.

Members of the MGTOW (pronounced migtow) community believe that legal and romantic entanglements with women fail and since they are frustrated with the lack of incentives to date, they choose to opt out of the dating arena and focus on taking care of themselves.

In order words, they come first. Always.

These men are not homosexuals, they are straight men making a conscious decision not to get involved with women.

Literally cutting women out of their lives not because they’ve been ordained as priests but because according to them, society has made women monsters.

These men have a BIG problem with feminism and everyone who joins, admits or supports it because they believe it is the reason why our society is ruined.

They’ve decided to not participate in the dating game because to them, feminists have been programmed to ruin a man’s life.

On the flip side, feminists also have a dislike for the MGTOW movement and all that it represents, especially the fact that it states that feminism is a lie.

MGTOW has a set of truths called The Red Pill or TRP which is basically the ”truth” from the MGTOW context.

A person who understands these beliefs and rejects all others is said to have ”taken the red pill”.

Only men who have taken TRP are considered MGTOWs or Miggies.


Miggies consider these as the TRUTH

  1. The Media is full of empty nothings.
  2. Government is the problem.
  3. Women can’t be trusted.

It would be valid to know that most men become MGTOW’s after they have already had kids or been married before.

They turn to the movement because they feel betrayed by their spouse or the way the divorce courts turn them to ”expandable containers” or ”ATM Machines”.

There are 4 levels of Men Going Their Own Way

LEVEL 0- Situational Awareness: Here members take ”the red pill” and embrace the idea that gender equality is a lie and propaganda.

LEVEL 1- Rejection of Long Term Relationships: Miggies begin to reject long term or lasting relationships but will agree to short term relationships, flings or one night stands.

LEVEL 2- Rejection Of Short Term Relationships: At this point, miggies are to put an end to sexual relationships of any kind.

LEVEL 3- Economic Disengagement: At this stage,no excess money is earned or saved. All monies needed or necessary is that which will sustain him.

LEVEL 4- Societal Disengagement: This is the APEX of the MGTOW’s  level. Here you refuse to interact with the society at large.


Very few Miggies have ever reached the apex, majority fluctuate between Levels 2 and 3.

A large portion claim they won’t participate in Long/Short Term relationships, that their lives are for productive purposes and they get companionship from the ”brotherhood”.

Criticism has trailed this movement, with some calling it a phoney while some have called it a cult. Some also say it’s a club of lonely virgins.

Zed, Ragnar and Rob Fedders who created the MGTOW philosophy a decade ago were learned men who had seen the Second and Third wave of feminism first hand.

They then conceived an ”anti-movement” in response to the impotence of men’s right activists and since then MGTOW’s or Miggies have seen themselves as the social justice warriors of the manosphere.

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