Minimum wage: Prepare for Indefinite Strike – NLC to Workers

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Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has released a Circular, directing government workers to prepare for an indefinite strike slated to begin October 16.

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Federal Government (FG) are yet to reach an agreement concerning the minimum wage even after months of deliberations.

The Organised Labour union is demanding 29% salary increase for government workers on Grade level 7to 14 and 24% increase for workers on Grade Level 15 to 17.

The government opine differently. FG posited 11 percent salary increase for Workers on GL 7 to 14 and 6.5 percent increase for Officers on GL 15 to 17

Emmanuel Ugboaja, the NLC General Secretary signed the circular which was sent to all State Councils, stating that if the proposed October 15 meeting with FG does not yield any productive results, the states should embark on industrial action.

“You will recall that a joint Communiqué was issued by the NLC, Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Joint National Public Service Negotiating Committee (JNPSNC) stating that two weeks from the date of the said communiqué, industrial harmony could not be guaranteed in the country should an agreement not be reached with the Federal Government on the Consequential Adjustment of Salaries as a result of the New National Minimum Wage of N30,000,” the circular said.

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“You are hereby directed to coordinate preparations with TUC and JNPSNC in your States for necessary industrial action should the time expire without an agreement as contained in the circular,” the circular stated.

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