Minister Criticizes UK Government Over Restrictive Immigration Measures

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Minister Criticizes UK Government Over Restrictive Immigration Measures

The First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf, has condemned the impending immigration bill due to take effect in January, calling it ‘morally repugnant and economically illiterate’.

The Herald reports that Yousaf clashed with the UK government over the new law during a session in the Scottish Parliament, urging London to reconsider its approach to immigration.

In a video that has gained traction on Instagram, Yousaf argued that the UK owes much of its economic success to the contributions of immigrants.

He expressed shock at the new immigration law’s provisions, which limit the entry of care providers and international students with their dependent families.

Yousaf explained the background of immigration to the UK historically, pointing out that the nation has previously actively pursued immigrants to fill labour shortages and support various sectors.

He did, however, criticise the Labour and Conservative governments in the UK for destroying the immigration and asylum systems.

The first minister of Scotland condemned the UK government’s treatment of asylum seekers, saying that it had all but eliminated possible legal escape routes for people fleeing conflict and persecution.

He expressed concern about policies that ask migrants to come and work in the UK but prevent them from bringing their families, describing such measures as morally objectionable.

The new immigration laws in the UK have measures that prohibit migrant students from bringing their families to the nation, with the goal of reducing net migration by about 300,000.

Yousaf attacked the UK government for what he perceives as a backward and narrow-minded approach to immigration while stressing the economic and cultural importance of immigrants in Scotland.

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