Minnesota National Guard Activates 500 Soldiers Amid Minneapolis Riot Oubreak

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Since the death of George Floyd – a black man who was killed by four Minneapolis police officers in Minnesota, outrages have sparked in and around the US causing a state of pandemonium.

In order to restore law and order, the Minnesota National Gaurd has activated five hundred soldiers in its kitty in response to the riot outbreak.


In a statement published Thursday via popular social media platform, twitter, the agency said “We have activated more than 500 soldiers to St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding communities.“

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In the statement, the Minnesota National Guard reiterated its  purpose for deploying soldiers to the affected communities noting that its mission is to protect life and property. “Our mission is to protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate. A key objective is ensure fire departments are able to respond to calls,” the agency added.

Demonstrations have also broken out in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and environs since the tragic incident occurred. This has resulted in violent looting and vandalizing of popular shopping malls around the US. However, reports say authorities are working closely to restore law and order.


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