“Misogynistic Sht!” — Erica Nlewedim Blasts Supporters Of Seyi Awolowo

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Prominent reality TV personality, Erica Nlewedim, has taken to social media to express her disappointment with viewers who have continued to support fellow housemate Seyi, despite his offensive comments made during the recent events on the Big Brother Naija show.

Seyi Awolowo

Seyi has been on the receiving end of criticism from a substantial portion of viewers due to his remarks, yet he has managed to escape eviction repeatedly in the past few weeks. His comments following a Saturday night party sparked outrage among the audience, leading many to express their frustration on various social media platforms.

Erica, who is known for her candid and straightforward nature, seized the opportunity to address the apparent inconsistency in viewers’ reactions. In a tweet, she castigated those who vocally condemned Seyi’s offensive remarks online, yet proceeded to vote for him to remain in the house.

Seyi Awolowo

The reality star pointed out the disheartening disparity between people’s public condemnation of Seyi’s behavior and their private actions of voting for him to stay. She questioned the audience’s priorities and values, expressing concern for the implications such behavior could have on future generations, particularly young girls.

Erica’s tweet read:

So y’all really like misogynistic sht! Outrage on social media, but voting for him in real life. I pity the daughters of the next generation.

Erica Nlewedim

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