Mohbad’s Father Claims Late Singer Rejected Son Before Death, Demands DNA Test

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Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer, Illerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has made a shocking claim that his son rejected his alleged son, Liam, before his death. In a recent social media clip, Aloba alleged that Mohbad told him he only had a one-time encounter with Wunmi, Liam’s mother, and she became pregnant after their first sexual encounter.

Aloba, speaking in Yoruba, said, “They shaved my late son’s hair before I got to his house. People saying my son didn’t reject Liam are lying. He said he only slept with Wunmi once and she brought pregnancy after their first sex.”

This claim comes as Aloba continues to demand a DNA test to ascertain Liam’s true paternity following Mohbad’s tragic death. However, Wunmi, Liam’s mother, has refused to consent to a DNA test, stating that only her late husband had the right to request one from her. She also claimed that Mohbad was the only man she had ever known and that he disvirgined her.


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