Mourinho Blasts Scholes Over Pogba Criticism

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Manchester United’s manager, Jose Mourinho has come down hard on club legend Paul Scholes for criticism directed at club record signing Paul Pogba.

Scholes, who was a TV pundit during United’s weekend draw with Southampton, also directed criticism at Mourinho and other key players in the squad, but singled out Pogba, who he accused of coasting through games and not justifying his hefty £89m price tag.

However, the French international put up a much-improved performance against Everton, which ended United’s run of three straight draws.

When Mourinho was asked to react to Scholes’ criticism, he said, “I think the only thing Paul Scholes does is criticise.

“I don’t think he comments, I think he criticises, which is a different thing.

“Not every one of us has to be phenomenal like he was as a player. That does not mean that we all have to be phenomenal.”

On Pogba’s performance, Mourinho said, “Paul tries to do his best all the time.

“Sometimes he plays very well, sometimes he plays well, sometimes he doesn’t play so well.

“It’s not Paul’s fault that he made much more money than Paul Scholes. It’s just the way football is.

“I think Scholes will be in history as a phenomenal player, not as a pundit. I prefer to look at him as a phenomenal player that gave so much to the club that I am proud to represent.”

Mourinho also challenged Scholes, who is believed to be interested in a management career, to win 25 percent of the 25 trophies that he (Mourinho) has won managing elite clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and FC Porto.

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