Mr Jailer: Bayelsa Govt. Clamps Down On Social Media Critic

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Following the news which reported that the Bayelsa State Government House Accountant, Richard Etonye, absconded with a total of $4.6 million belonging to the state, the Nigerian Police Force has arrested an aide to the All Progressive Congress candidate, Mr. Jonah Okah.

Jonah Okah was arrested by the Nigerian Police Force over his comments as regards the arrest of the Bayelsa State House Accountant.

Okah had taken to his social media page on Facebook to write an extensive article on the issues surrounding the arrest of Ritchie Etonye, his points bothered on money laundering and other related offences.

Okah on his Facebook page wrote in a post which he titled “The $4.6M Scam Rocking Gov. Dickson of Bayelsa State”:

The great chat with Mr Richard Etonye , the man at the centre of the scam and the Chief Accountant Govt House Yengoa who was alleged to have absconded with about $4.6m dollars kept in his custody by his principal , gov Dickson. Here comes the telephone encounter with the man with the big heart.

JONAH OKAH: Hello , please Jonah okah on the line. Am I talking with Mr Richard Etonye , the Chief Accountant Government House , Yenagoa ?

RICHARD ETONYE: Hahaha , Jonah , yes I’m Richie Etonye your friend. I knew you will call me.

JONAH OKAH: Richie , what do you mean by that?

RICHARD ETONYE: I’m sure you are calling to confirm my whereabout and the story reported by Sahara reporters and Leadership Newspaper.

JONAH OKAH: Please don’t be kiddy Richie, Umoru are you alive in the first place? They said you have escaped with $4.6million, about #2billion naira belonging to the governor of Bayelsa state. Mr Henry Seriake Dickson. Answer me categorically , is it true ?

RICHARD ETONYE: Jonah Okah, you are a friend and a very reliable one for that matter. Me I don waka with my own share of the state money. I don tire for gov Dickson. I can’t continue to be part of a government that continue to deceive the people of Bayelsa state. I expected the NLC and TUC to seize that golden opportunity of the hypocritical strike to correct things but they sold out the workers because of peanuts and carrots that was dangled before them. I’m a civil servant like them but they betrayed us. The governor can’t be trusted. I’ve collected my own share.

JONAH OKAH: But your governor is accusing APC of being behind the story and attack on your home.

RICHARD ETONYE: That’s rubbish, get my message clear , just like all responsible Bayelsans do, I’m fed up with the propaganda and deceit of gov Dickson . He has received over a trillion naira being squandered by him and his brothers. He has indebted the state to over 200billion unaccounted debt and putting it on innocent Timipre Sylva.

JONAH OKAH: Richie, you are the Chief Accountant in Government House and sounding so boldly to confront the governor?

RICHARD ETONYE: My guy, enough is enough. If gov Dickson dares me, he knows he will end up in prison… period.

#JONAH OKAH: But the Chief Press Secretary, Markson Iworiso has denied the story, blaming APC of instigating the invasion of your residence.

RICHARD ETONYE: what do you expect from Iworiso? He is doing the bidding of his paymaster. I have since relocated with my family till gov Dickson leaves office.

JONAH OKAH: Richie , Bayelsans are curious about the development. What message do you have for them resulting from this saga?

RICHARD ETONYE : What saga (interrupts and burst into laughter) Joe, this is no saga. I got my own share of the show. If u guys don’t teach gov Dickson a lesson he will treat Bayelsans like shit. The story that there’s no money to pay workers is very big lie. If gov Dickson really mean business to pay salaries of workers and the backlog of the unpaid ones , he can do so within one week. You have to rise and fight for your right. I’ve got mine. It is unfortunate that no single elder could call him to order. The state is in trouble. Timipre Sylva is a saint where gov Dickson is given the depth of corruption under his supervision. Have you wondered why he refused to inaugurate the Anti Corruption Agency which he had already appointed Chairman and Members. A corrupt man can’t be a gate keeper. I just pity those his followers. They will regret.

JONAH OKAH: Richie, thanks for availing me of the opportunity this refreshing chat.

RICHARD ETONYE: Thanks Joe my guy. The line is opened for you.”

In connection to the above post, Jonah Okah was arrested and the Nigerian Police Force is yet to issue an official statement as regards his crime(s).

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