“My hair doesn’t need marijuana” Senator Shehu asks Akeredolu to halt his Cannabis growing plans

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Senator Shehu Sani has asked that the current Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu should no longer proceed with his plans to start growing medicinal Cannabis – a potential source of revenue for his state.
Instead, he advised that the governor should find other farm products to invest in.
The Ondo governor, who has been in Thailand alongside the NDLEA boss, Muhammad Abdallah, has urged the Federal Government to pay more attention to the growing of medicinal cannabis in the country so as to create a diverse economy with multiple products to export.
He further explained that investing in such farm produce would help in creating jobs for the millions of unemployed youths in the country as the industry could become a multi-billion dollar one in no time.

“My hair doesn’t need marijuana” Senator Shehu asks Akeredolu to halt his Cannabis growing plans
However, Senator Shehu Sanni from Kaduna, who did not buy Akeredolu’s opinion, mentioned that he should rather join forces with states producing Rice, Yam, Beans, and Ginger in the country.
Via his social media handle, the senator wrote, “
“My Brother Akeredolu, Lagos partnered with Kebbi for Rice, please partner with Niger for Beans, Kaduna for Ginger or partner with Benue for Yam; Please leave this Indian Hemp matter for now, abeg.
My Friend, Yele Sowore, my Hair doesn’t need that marijuana to glow,I wish you,Governor Akeredolu and Majek all the best;if you succeed,then you are right.When we meet we shall debate it”.

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