My Husband’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky was not an Abuse of Power – Hillary Clinton

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My Husband’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky was not an Abuse of Power – Hillary Clinton

Wife of former United States President, Bill Clinton (1993 – 2001) and presidential candidate in the 2016 US elections won by Mr. Donald Trump; Mrs. Hillary Clinton has said her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was US President was not an abuse of power.

In an interview with CBS on Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton vehemently denied that her husband’s extramarital affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power.

She also added that former President Bill Clinton made the right decision, not to resign even though the scandal led to his impeachment on perjury and obstruction charges.

Several Excerpts from the interview read;

“Absolutely not! She said on CBS Sunday Morning when asked if Bill Clinton should have stepped down.

“It wasn’t an abuse of power?” CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil asked.

Clinton responded: “No. No.”

She then went further to say the extra-marital affair was not an abuse of power on the part of her husband because “Lewinsky was an adult.”.

Monica Lewinsky was only twenty-two at the time of the affair.

Asides from the Lewinsky affair which was full blown, a former nursing home administrator Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault in 1999.

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Juanita alleged at the time that that the former president raped her in a hotel room in 1978, when he was attorney general of Arkansas. Clinton however denied the accusations.

As the interview progressed however, Hillary Clinton managed to steer the conversation towards President Donald Trump

“But let me ask you this: Where’s the investigation of the current incumbent, against whom numerous allegations have been made, and which he dismisses, denies, and ridicules? So, there was an investigation [of Bill], and it, as I believe, came out in the right place.”

Clinton’s comments came quickly after she rejected any comparisons between her husband’s actions and the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during the confirmation process.

Clinton had called Kavanaugh’s swearing-in ceremony at the White House “a political rally” in a CNN interview last week, when she lambasted the justice and Trump.

“It further undermined the image and integrity of the court and that troubles me greatly, it saddens me, because our judicial system has been viewed as one of the main pillars of our constitutional government.”

Hillary Clinton had also blasted Trump’s treatment of Christine Blasey Ford, who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her allegation of sexual assault against Supreme Court Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“The president’s been true to form. He has insulted, attacked, demeaned women throughout the campaign, really for many years leading up to the campaign, and he’s continued to do that inside the White House.” She had said at the time.


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