Naomi Campbell Sued By Billionaire Ex Vladislav Doronin

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Billionaire businessman Vladislav Doronin has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell started dating the Russian billionaire way back in 2008, and they were together for five years before breaking up in 2013.

Doronin is an international real estate developer and is the owner and chairman of Aman Resorts. While they were dating, he frequently treated Campbell to yacht trips and getaways to his private home on Cleopatra Island in Turkey.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Naomi’s ex, Vladislav Doronin claims she’s refusing to pay back money he loaned her, and is still holding on to some valuable property of his worth over $3 million.

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Also, recent reports claim that Mike Tyson, one of Naomi’s alleged flings may have once tried to throw her out of a moving vehicle, according to Chris Rock.

“I think Mike pushed you out of a moving car one night, I think you gave somebody your number and he lost his head,” Rock said.

Campbell replied: “You sure it wasn’t me that pushed him? That’s if I even got in the car with him. It’s a good thing we’re all grown-ups today and we’re family. It’s nice to see him blossom.

“Those were fun times in New York … can never go back to those.”




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