NASC Decries Poor Researches on Indigenous Agricultural Seeds

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 The National Assembly has decried increased emphasis by agricultural institutes on the research of imported seeds to the detriment of indigenous seeds.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Agriculture, Sen. Abdullahi Adamu, expressed the concern at the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) retreat in Zaria on Thursday.

He said it was high time the institutes began to pay attention to improving indigenous seeds.

He pointed out that, “so much effort is been made duplicating or making researches on imported seeds and over time we seem to have lost touch with indigenous seeds in Nigeria.

“The origin of most of the seeds we are talking about is not Nigeria, unfortunately. I stand to be corrected.

“In my interaction with the NASC over the last nine years in the National Assembly, I believe we need to work, do research on our indigenous crops and improve their potency to meet increased demand.”

The lawmaker expressed the commitment of the National Assembly to assisting in any way possible to improve indigenous seeds.

He pointed out that the National Assembly was prepared to make enabling laws where necessary to ensure improved seeds and agricultural development in general.

Adamu harped on the need for enabling environment to ensure that legislation passed by the National Assembly were complied with.

“Those of you who are privileged to be executors of laws that we make. Unless and until we are able to keep in touch with the laws that are made we will not be able to get the proper direction.

“I believe very strongly that you have been told of the law that is now in the process of being passed.

“It is already gone through the first and second reading in the House of Representatives.

“It is our hope that the promise we made to the seed council and the ministry that by God’s grace by Monday we will be able to be done with that legislation.

“I hope that you continue to work in unison with the ministry to achieve the mandate of delivering our ambition on agriculture so that the country will be food secured,” he said.

The Chairman, House Committee on Agricultural Production and Services, Rep. Muntari Dan-Dutse said quality seed had been recognised to be the most important input in boosting agricultural production.

He noted that agricultural practices like irrigation, fertilisation and irrigation did not boost crop production beyond the limit set by improved seed.

Dan-Dutse called on all relevant stakeholders to abide by the National Agricultural Seeds Act for quality seeds delivery to farmers.

He assured that the National Assembly would continue to work within its mandate of making laws to contribute its quarter to improved quality seeds.

He said, “we are working on the Plant Variety Protection Law to protect plant breeders as well as grant them intellectual property right over their materials.

“We must begin to do the right thing. I will engage with NASC and other stakeholders to ensure that all seed procurement going forward is done after no objection is secured from NASC.

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