‘Call Out Negative Behaviour when you see it to Tackle Racism’ – Samoura


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Fatma Samoura, the Secretary-General of FIFA, says one of the ways of tackling racism is to call out a negative behaviour when one sees it happening.
Samoura said this on Monday as one of the speakers at the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) online conference on “Racism and Discrimination in sport”.
The FIFA official, who claims to have been a victim of racism, said the world needs to raise the standard when it comes to the issue.
“As a black African woman in sports, I have encountered racism and discrimination.
“When I was appointed as FIFA Secretary General in 2016, some people wondered ‘what does this African, this black woman know about football?’
“The only way we can tackle racism is to raise the standard. Call out negative behaviour when you see them happening. Change outdated opinion,” she said.
 Mitchell Obi, President of AIPS Africa, who was also one of the speakers, wants the world football governing body to do more in terms of sanctions following racist abuse.
 “FIFA, as a leading global sports organization, has the clout to do more in terms of initiating and adopting a blueprint that should carry stiff sanctions for racist acts at all levels as well as a well-padded enlightenment programme….,” Obi said.
The online conference continues Tuesday.

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