Neo Akpofure Reveals Ike Onyema Has Poor Hygiene in Reality TV Show, BBN All Stars

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During a conversation with Tolanibaj, Neo Akpokure, also known as Neo Energy, subtly hinted at his fellow Big Brother Naija All stars housemate, Ike Onyema, having poor personal hygiene.

Neo and Ike

In coded language, Neo emphatically expressed that Ike possibly has body odour and may be dealing with hygiene issues.

This revelation comes after Mercy Eke, during their dating days, had previously disclosed concerns about Ike’s hygiene. Neo emphasized the importance of self-care, suggesting that Ike should take care of himself not just for the sake of others but also for his own well-being.

Ike Onyema

Despite pointing out Ike’s hygiene issues, Neo acknowledged that Ike still possesses a certain level of class, evident from his relationship with co-star Mercy Eke.

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