Netizen Shares Think Piece Behind Inspiration For Tems’ ‘Not An Angel’

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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A netizen has shared a insightful perspective regarding the inspiration behind Nigerian artist Tems’ latest single, “Not An Angel.” This comes in the wake of the R&B singer’s recent release of the song, following her earlier single for the year, “Me & U.”


The astute individual posits a connection between the two songs, suggesting that on “Not an Angel,” Tems might have experienced a breakup with the subject of “Me & U.” The observer admires Tems’ songwriting prowess, describing her as “one crazy songwriter.”


Tems’ manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, known as Donawon, responded appreciatively to the think piece. He expressed his love for such analytical reflections on music, emphasizing his own approach to interpreting the layered meanings within artists’ work. Donawon’s response underscores the importance of considering the nuanced layers in artistic expression.

While the manager didn’t explicitly confirm the accuracy of the think piece, he appreciated the depth of thought and urged the netizen to share his account details as a token of appreciation for the keen observation.


It’s worth noting that the manager refrained from confirming or denying the think piece’s accuracy, especially considering the prevailing assumption among Nigerians that “Me & U” signifies Tems’ spiritual connection with God.

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