New Indonesian Law: Sex Offenders to be Castrated or Executed

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The Indonesian government, known for its firm penalties for drug related case have added a new punishment to their laws.

Paedophiles will be castrated chemically or executed under the new law passed by the Indonesian parliament.

First time sex offenders and those who also abuse family members were usually given a ten to twenty year jail term according to the past laws on rape.

Recently however, the Indonesian government realised that some of these rape victims were left scarred for life. The gruesome attack on some victims also leaves them damaged physically and emotionally, hence the need for more stringent laws.

The ladies who are rape victims are also sometimes left with sexually transmitted diseases that might end up destroying their lives.

The death penalty is strictly for those who murder their victims or leave them in psychological trauma or permanent physical trauma.


Indonesia is also a hot-spot for western paedophiles with more than one hundred sex criminals caught travelling into the country from Australia.

This harsh penalty was passed to law after the shocking gang rape of a fourteen year old girl by twelve men who was left dead after the attack.

Seven teenagers were arrested in connection to the rape of the young girl after her body was found tied up in the woods.

This attack has left the females in the country scared and prompted the Indonesian government to pass the new law.

Indonesia is the first South-East Asian country to use chemical castration on its sex offenders. However, some other countries such as Russia, Poland, South Korea and some U.S states have the laws in their country.

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