Nigeria Now Getting Respect In The International Scene—Gov. Yari


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The Zamfara State governor, Abdulaziz Yari has lauded the anti-corruption stance of President Mohammadu Buhari, calling on Nigerians to support the President to achieve tangible results while submitting that the country for the first time was beginning to be accorded the respect it deserved in the international scene.

He said: “First and foremost, Nigeria is 55 and we are seeing a lot of progress in terms of governance and democratic process. I can tell you that now on the continent and on the larger global scale, it is not business as usual because I believe we are today, some of the advanced and leading economic countries, when they were where we are, their situation was not like that.

“You can understand the U.S, you fill a basket with their currency with their currency to buy a lot of bread, and today in Nigeria, where they are over 257 years of democratic process and the situation in Nigeria today is different we know all that.

“But if we look at the way we are going in speedy action and on the positive side, we understand that we have our challenges on insecurity, on economy we have challenges and it is a global issue, every nation has its own way of resolving its problems.

“As we are going today, we are making a serious progress more than where we are today, under a new change made possible by Nigerians and the leadership that Nigerians are proud as a democratically elected government and a government that Nigerians high hopes and the whole process is on the pipeline.”

“On the question of money laundry, we used to hear of people putting government money into their pockets. That has become history. This President cannot fight it alone, we have to put all hands on deck to ensure that we support the President.

“As I watch Obama talking in Kenya that each and every $1 taken, if it is put into public use, it will be good. We should know that this country is our country.

“We cannot have any other country that we will have the freedom to move around, aside from Nigeria. So we are the people that are going to make it a better country.

“The problem is that we travel abroad and see how they do their things but when we come back, it becomes a problem to put it on the table and do the same.

“When you travel abroad and bring out $2000 to pay on the counter, people will look at you and wonder how you got the cash in this cashless society. All of us need to put our hands on deck and make sure we support this government to fight corruption that leads to money laundering. Government must come up with many ways of fighting this problem but we are missing the link. We have to set politics aside and fight this enemy.”

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