Nigerian Bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu Wrestles A Liger In Dubai (Video)


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Nigerian-Irish Bodybuilding sensation, Blessing Awodibu brings a different dimension to the sport as he approaches it with a lot of humor, making it popular among youths and upcoming athletes. Armed with nearly 1.5 million followers on instagram, Blessing with an elite, impressive physique, often pokes fun at the sports and takes on unconventional challenges.

The 28 year old has also won the IFBB bodybuilding championships twice, alongside an Arnold classic championship.

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In this latest, antic which is showcasing the raw strength he possesses as a body builder, Blessing engages in a show of strength with a Liger. A Liger is the hybrid result of a cross between a male Lion and a Female Tiger.

A Liger is much larger than a lion and a full grown male tiger and can swim just like tigers. They are the largest of all known wild felines and can weigh as much as 418.2kg.

In this video below, Blessing Awodibu engages in a show of strength with the World’s largest wild cat. He called a great workout routine for waist thickness.


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