Nigerian Content Creator Oluwadolarz Feels Let Down by Industry Peers in New Interview

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Popular Nigerian skit maker and singer Oluwadolarz has spoken out about a perceived lack of support within the content creation industry.

In a recent interview with Echoo Room, Oluwadolarz challenged the idea of camaraderie amongst skit makers. He stated, “it is ‘pure competition’ behind the facade.

Oluwadolarz specifically addressed the lack of support he received for his debut EP. “I dropped an EP and not one single skit maker or comedian supported it despite reaching out to them,” he revealed.


He went further, mentioning colleagues Sydney Talker and Lord Lamba, who previously lived with him. “When Sydney Talker came to Lagos, he lived with me for like three, four months… He didn’t support my music,” Oluwadolarz said. Lord Lamba was also named as someone who didn’t promote the EP, despite residing with Oluwadolarz at the time.

Oluwadolarz is channeling this experience into a documentary. “I am working on a documentary… about my story; people that I’ve supported in the industry that did not turn up for me,” he shared.

Even after this perceived snub, Oluwadolarz maintains a supportive attitude. “Funny enough, I still support them when they reach out to me,” he emphasized.

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